How to Write an Effective Cover Letter by Dr. Larry Cornett

How to Write an Effective Cover Letter

Do cover letters still matter? The answer seems to be “Yes.” 

74% of recruiters claim that they read them. Surprisingly, though, only 38% of candidates submit a cover letter when it is required

You will stand out from the competition and receive preferred consideration if you take the time to write a great cover letter!

What's included?

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What this course covers
Real-world Data
Some real data on usage
Common Cover Letter Mistakes
Mistakes you should avoid
More mistakes to avoid
The Goal of Your Cover Letter
What your goals should be
Cover Letter Structure
How to structure your cover letter
Cover Letter
196 KB
Do Your Research
Research every company of interest
Customize Your Cover Letter
Tailor your cover letter for every job application
Things to consider
Tell your story
Sample Cover Letters
Sample Cover Letter - Professional Executive
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Sample Cover Letter - Barista
29.2 KB
Final Steps
Last few steps
Good luck!

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