How to Write a Resume That Works by Dr. Larry Cornett

How to Write a Resume That Works

Create a better resume that encourages recruiters and hiring managers to call you for an interview!

What's included?

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What this course covers
Resumes are necessary, but not sufficient
Real-world Data
Some real data on usage
The Goal of Your Resume
What your goals should be
Common Resume Mistakes
Mistakes you should avoid with your resume
More mistakes to avoid
Do Your Research
Research every company of interest
Customize Your Resume
Tailor your resume for every job application
Example 1
Example 2
One-size-fits-all does not work
How Employers Read Resumes
How I reviewed resumes
What We Looked for in Resumes
Level and Title
Experience and Job tenure
Overall impressions
Resume Structure
How to structure your resume
Top of the resume
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Bottom of resume
127 KB
Writing Your Resume
The do's of a resume
A few don'ts
Use telegraphic language
Summarize your achievements per role
Final Steps
Last few steps
Good luck!
Sample Resumes
Barista resume example
40.9 KB
Entry-level Designer resume example
85.1 KB
Product Leader resume example
92.6 KB

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