How to prepare for your performance review by Dr. Larry Cornett

How to prepare for your performance review

16 tasks that will help you nail your review, get a promotion, or even land a new job. Sign up to be notified when this course launches!


These 16 tasks are a worthwhile career investment to make before your next performance review. The future you will thank you for taking the time now.

Early in my 20+ year corporate career, I thought that things would take care of themselves. Step up, do great work, and of course my manager would notice and reward me appropriately. Rarely, that will happen with an exceptional manager who is on top of things and is focused on developing your career. Rarely.

I discovered that it was much more common for a manager to be too busy to notice. I learned that I had to take charge of my own career development and advancement. I had to build the case for my raises and promotions. I had to be ready to make a big change if things weren’t going to work out. I had to be prepared.

Are you?

What's included?

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Intro video
2 mins
Why prepare?
Overview of the tasks
Workbook - How to prepare for your performance review.rtf
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Read through your previous performance review
Task 1 - Priorities
Priorities video
2 mins
Document priorities, both planned and changed
Task 2 - Goals
Goals video
2 mins
What goals did you commit to this year?
Task 3 - Accomplishments
Accomplishments video
2 mins
Capture all of your accomplishments
Task 4 - Failures
Failures video
2 mins
Own your failures before they own you
Task 5 - Projects
Projects video
2 mins
Document all projects and start your portfolio
Task 6 - Additional responsibilities
Additional responsibilities video
2 mins
Capture all of those tasks that cropped up
Task 7 - Success metrics
Success metrics video
2 mins
Document your success metrics and wins
Task 8  —  Request feedback
Request feedback video
2 mins
Reach out to key coworkers to solicit their feedback
Task 9  —  Testimonials
Testimonials video
3 mins
Asking for a few testimonials
Task 10  —  Team contribution
Team contribution video
2 mins
How did you help your team get better?
Task 11  — Industry involvement
Industry involvement video
2 mins
Document your engagement with the broader industry
Task 12  —  Professional growth
Professional growth video
2 mins
Investing in your professional growth
Task 13  —  New priorities
New priorities video
2 mins
An awareness of the right priorities
Task 14  —  New goals
New Goals video
2 mins
What do you want to accomplish this coming year?
Task 15  —  Personal goals and plans
Personal Goals video
2 mins
Your personal goals for the year
Task 16  —  The Business of You
What is your professional value proposition?

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I'm Dr. Larry Cornett, a Leadership Coach and Career Advisor focused on career transformation, leadership development, and organizational excellence.


What is your background?

I started my career with a Ph.D. in Psychology from Rice University. I then spent more than 2 decades in Silicon Valley Tech, leading global teams, moving up into executive roles, and launching new businesses, products, and services. You can learn more about my background on LinkedIn.

Over 7 years ago, I redefined my corporate career to reclaim my freedom, health, and life. I founded my own tech startup, raised $1.3M in funding, and then went on to start another business helping others redefine their own careers. 

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who has a formal review process with a manager or boss every year. If the outcome of your review determines if you'll receive a raise or promotion, then you need to take it seriously and be well-prepared. The tasks you complete in the course will help you do that.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Absolutely! If you aren't satisfied with your purchase, please contact me and let me know. There's no catch. I'll issue you a refund!