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I'm Dr. Larry Cornett, a Leadership Coach and Career Advisor focused on career transformation, leadership development, and organizational excellence.

The Invincible Career Accelerator

For less than a latte a day you will become a member of the Invincible Career® accelerator program. Join the community and receive the ongoing career advice and expert support you need to:  Ask for a raise to get paid what you're worth.  Get promoted and move up the ladder at work.  Figure out what your next move is for your career.  Find a great new job when you're ready to move on.  Negotiate job offers to maximize your earning potential.  Create an invincible career to find the work you will love!  Some members of the community even use our support to help them start their own business based on their personal talents, skills, knowledge, and experience! A few have launched their own companies and raised millions in funding. Your membership gives you free access to a number of my courses and material. It includes weekly challenges based on monthly themes to break out of your comfort zone and take your career to the next level. For example, for the month of "Personal Branding," there will be a challenge of creating your personal "Elevator pitch" statement of who you are and what you do best. You'll also receive guidance, advice, and tips related to the challenges each week. Plus, membership grants you access to my private online community where you can get support, feedback, and inspiration from experts and other ambitious people like yourself. There will be office hours every week when you can ask experts for advice on specific topics. You will receive a Slack invitation once you sign up.


Larry helped me to learn how to navigate the complexities of transitioning to senior and executive-level leadership (and yes there are secrets). He coached me on finding the right opportunities, and making the most of the tools you have available to you, but you aren’t using correctly. What followed was one of the fastest, and most counter-intuitive successful job searches of my life.
Trip O'Dell
Larry is extremely knowledgeable about the various aspects of job hunting and guided me through the complex steps of deciding what I want, finding/choosing the right opportunities, interviewing and offers! He is also well connected in the industry and makes appropriate introductions as needed. His weekly coaching calls and Slack channel have been helpful in connecting with other leaders in the industry and his tips are helpful in positioning the career.
Paresh Vakhariya
He helped me clarify what I wanted, focus on solidifying my personal brand, and identifying strategies to make the most of any situation. He is a great connector, and just "gets it"; his extensive leadership experience was extremely helpful throughout my job search. He is clearly driven by the success of others, which is a true gift.
Beth Goldman
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How to Write an Effective Cover Letter

Yes, cover letters still do matter. Stand out from the competition when you take the time to write a great one! This course shows you how.
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Example of a Professional Cover Letter

Did you know that a great cover letter can secure you an interview even if your resume isn’t good enough? Use this free example to start.

How invincible do you feel in your career?

An Invincible Career® means that you have removed single points of failure from every aspect of your overall career ecosystem. Learn how to identify key vulnerabilities in your job, what you really want next, and what motivates you.

Finding Your Purpose and Calling

Plan a career to leverage your talent, skills, and knowledge. This course helps you discover how to align your calling with making a living!

How to Write a Resume That Works

Learn how to create a lean, mean, and efficient resume that will encourage recruiters and hiring managers to call you for an interview! 
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Compare multiple job opportunities

It's easy to get excited about a job offer and make a decision based on emotions, only to regret it later. This spreadsheet allows you to quantitatively compare up to 3 job offers relative to your current job on 38 different factors. The score is totaled out of 100 at the top.  The spreadsheet has placeholder information and data to show you how it works. Feel free to rename any of the factors that you want. Obviously, put the appropriate company names, job offer titles, compensation numbers, and ratings in for your situation.

Professional Development Package for 2020

Includes my most popular courses on resume writing, cover letters, finding your purpose, and more. Save over $19 with this package!
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Visualize and Plan Your Long-term Career and Life Goals

This course will help you define and plan your ideal future. Where do you dream of living? What is your ideal job? What is your idea of a perfect work week? How would you achieve the best work-life balance? By the end of this course, you will have set a goal for this year and captured what needs to happen to achieve it. You will also define your long-term career and life goals. Where do you want to be 20 years from now?

Example of a Professional Resume

A free example of how a professional resume should be structured. Obviously, it is generic and simplified. But, make note of how quantitative achievements are emphasized, active verbs are used for each position, and passive job description tasks are avoided.

How to prepare for your performance review

These 16 tasks are a worthwhile career investment to make before your next performance review. The future you will thank you for taking the time now. Early in my 20+ year corporate career , I thought that things would take care of themselves. Step up, do great work, and of course my manager would notice and reward me appropriately. Rarely, that will happen with an exceptional manager who is on top of things and is focused on developing your career. Rarely . I discovered that it was much more common for a manager to be too busy to notice. I learned that I had to take charge of my own career development and advancement. I had to build the case for my raises and promotions. I had to be ready to make a big change if things weren’t going to work out. I had to be prepared. Are you?
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