Helping good people reinvent their careers to land great jobs

Do you feel stuck in your job? Passed over for a promotion? Maybe you're ready for a serious career change? I will help you create an Invincible Career so that you get to call the shots in your work and life!

I'm Dr. Larry Cornett, a Career Advisor focused on career transformation, leadership development, and organizational excellence. I work with ambitious people to help them get promoted, do more of the work that they love, find better opportunities, or even start their own business. 

The Invincible Career Accelerator

For less than $1/day you will become a member of the Invincible Career Accelerator program. Join the community and receive the ongoing career advice and expert support you need to:  Ask for a raise to get paid what you're worth.  Get promoted and move up the ladder at work.  Figure...

Compare multiple job opportunities

It's easy to get excited about a job offer and make a decision based on emotions, only to regret it later. This spreadsheet allows you...

How to prepare for your performance review

These 16 tasks are a worthwhile career investment to make before your next performance review. The future you will thank you for taking the time...

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Invincible Career

This course will show you how to create an Invincible Career that will let you call the shots in your work and life. The step-by-step...

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